Edwards Air Force Base • AFB Test Center [EDW/KEDW] CA. USA 14/11/16

by AeroWorldpictures Team
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Fantastic small museum of this mythical US AFB by Gilles ASTRE / AWP Team # The base has helped develop virtually every aircraft purchased by the Air Force since World War II. Almost every United States military aircraft since the 1950s has been at least partially tested at Edwards, and it has been the site of many aviation breakthroughs. Notable occurrences at Edwards include Chuck Yeager's flight that broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1, test flights of the North American X-15, the first landings of the Space Shuttle, and the 1986 around-the-world flight of the Rutan Voyager.
EDW.2016 # Century Circle display by Gilles ASTRE

EDW.2016 # Century Circle display

by Gilles ASTRE

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